Air Curtain

By installing it at the top of an entrance with a lot of traffic, it creates a curtain of air creating a pleasant environment inside the cold storage room while efficiently keeping the internal temperature constant.

Effect of Installing Air Curtain

2Blocks side wind and odors
3Prevents dust and pests from entering the space

Reason for Selecting Leehwa Polytech’s Air Curtain

  • Low noise due to dual motor set-up
  • Even air flow due to excellent outlet structure
  • Easy to install and maintain/inspect due to small size·low weight
  • Strong air flow due to straightness and even distribution of air output

Strip Door

Creates a pleasant workspace and reduces energy costs by preventing energy loss and dust·pests caused by frequent opening and closing of the door. In addition, it increases work efficiency by allowing personnel and transport vehicles to safely and easily enter/exit the space.

Product Types

Types Temperature Range Use
General 10~70℃ Wide, general use such as indoor workspace, divider, textile factory, NC machinery operating factory, computer room
Cold Resistant 20~70℃ Insulation for open workspace and warehouse during winter
Ultracold Resistant 35~60℃ Insulation for cold storage, ice manufacturing, frozen dessert manufacturing
Insect-proof 10~70℃ Keeping out insects/pests at pharmaceutical, food and steel factories
Special Purpose   Other types such as protective layer for welding sparks, orange color for marking off areas, opaque

Vinyl Curtain

Floor Heater

Prevents freezing at the bottom of insulated doors with high traffic volume


Dual Door (mm) Single Door (mm)
2400×500 1500×500