Founded in 1992, Leehwa Polytech has been dedicated to supplying ‘better products quickly at a lower cost’ as a manufacturer of diverse urethane products specializing in the production of refrigeration urethane panels / insulated doors and installation of cold storage insulation.

For 25 years, urethane has been the only thing on our mind while putting vast efforts into mitigating customer complaints by putting priority into producing products with the best quality and providing top-notch after service. In addition, we possess all sorts of patents on insulated doors, quality certification for our urethane panels and ISO9001 certification.

With technical expertise accumulated through the development of urethane doors and spray foam insulation, we were able to produce refrigeration urethane panels which was a longstanding aspiration of the local community.This has been the foundation for us to become a leading company in the refrigeration industry. We are currently doing our best to go beyond our local area to become a leader in both the domestic and global market as a company specializing in refrigeration technology.

Based on our belief of “producing leading technology with unrivaled quality and standing by our customers” we promise to always do our best. We ask for your continued interest and support.


As a company specializing in urethane products, Leehwa Polytech aims to go beyond our local area to become a global company leading the industry.
  • Manufacturer of urethane products
  • Launch of automatedㆍmanual insulated doors in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) guidelines
  • D/L database (DB construction), identification of D/L by type, accurate and speedy A/S handling
  • Expansion of nationwide logistics base and distribution network
  • Entry into overseas markets: Japan, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, etc.
  • ISO9001 Quality System:
    1)Quality certification for refrigeration urethane panels
    2)Certification for insulated doors

Key Businesses