Cold Storage for Agricultural Produce with Government Subsidy

  • Leehwa Polytech is registered as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery eligible for government subsidy.
    Reference : Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative ☞
  • Standard size products (3.3 ~ 16.5m2) are immediately available upon order.

Main Cold Storage Model : LHR-032(10㎡,3평형,2HP)

  • Components: assembled panels + door(100T)
  • Refrigeration devices (condensing unit + unit controller + control panel)

List of Agricultural Machinery (Cold Storage) Registered for Government Subsidy

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Product Code Official Product Name L×W×H(Floor Space ㎡) Size Refrigeration Device Remarks
2100035225633 LHR-020 3.0×2.3×2.5(6.9) 6.6㎡ 2HP direct cooling
2100035225664 LHR-030 4.0×2.5×2.5(10.0) 9.9㎡ 3HP direct cooling
2100040663185 LHR-032 4.0×2.5×2.4(10.0) 9.9㎡ 2HP direct cooling
2100039065785 LHR-030-S
(separated refrigerator·
freezer type)
4.0×2.5×2.4(10.0) 9.9㎡ Each 2HP direct cooling
※ The amounts above are subject to change.

Image of Government Subsidized Cold Storage

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