High-quality polyurethane panels with the best insulation properties
By using PolyIsocyanurate Foam(PIR) which is one of the best insulating materials, our panels are able to maintain the strengths of PolyUrethane Foam(PUR) used in the past while improving fire retardancy, heat resistance and insulation.

Reason for Selecting Leehwa Polytech’s Urethane Panels

1Excellent Insulation
We have been able to maintain the air tightness and durability of our panels through the automation of our entire production process and upgrading to the latest equipment. Therefore, you can expect our panels to have excellent insulation properties. (high pressure foam injector, hot press, etc.)
[high-pressure foam injection machine]
[10m hot press]
2Diverse Designs
We produce urethane panels in 4 colors in order to provide consumers with a wider range of options which is a step forward when compared to the simple panels of the past. 『Gold flower (new product)/Silver stucco/Ivory/Stainless steel』
[Gold flower]
[Silver stucco]
[Stainless steel]
3New Assembly Method and Fittings
Panel assembly is easier and joints are stronger due to the use of our unique assembly method and a new saw tooth connector (bracket).
4Easy Disassembly, Transfer and Expansion Work
It is easy to disassemble, transfer and add additional panels due to the simple structure.
Our panels save energy with an insulating performance 6 times better than concrete structures.
6Stable Quality Control
Products are produced through a manufacturing process kept under strict quality control based upon expert knowledge accumulated through 25 years of business. Therefore, our products are easy to install, durable and corrosion resistant.
7Fast·Accurate Installation and A/S
We have shortened the time it takes from order to delivery and installation. We are also doing our best to ensure our customers get the best after service care possible.

★New★ Leegloo Corrugated Panels

Features of Leegloo Corrugated Panels!

  • Maximization of refrigeration performance

    By incorporating grooves on to the surface, we have improved air circulation inside the cold storage rooms maximizing refrigeration performance!

  • Improved insulation and strength

    With a maximum thickness of 110T, you can expect improved insulation and strength!

  • Ease of Installation

    Internal angles do not have to be installed when setting up the panels due to the injection molding finish thereby shortening installation time!

    Corners have ample space at the joints compared to the products of other companies allowing for easy application of silicone sealants!

  • Angles for divider walls provided separately!

  • The Only Corrugated Panel in the Market

    It is a new type of corrugated panel, the first of its kind in the market, with improvements to existing panel products. (patent application in progress)

Image of Installed Leegloo

Brim-type Panel

※ Manufactured up to a wall height of 10m.

Characteristics of Brim-type Panels

  • Unique corner connection of Leehwa Polytech’s panels

  • Tight joints with superb insulation

  • Bracket (mold injected brim connectors) : steel brackets used to fix large size panels to the ceiling to support its weight during the construction of cold storage rooms over 66㎡

  • Selection of 4 colors·designs

  • Contains flame retardant materials: resistant to fire because it contains flame retardant materials (TCPP) with a flame retardancy rating of 2 to 3

  • Clean molding finish through the use of the finest plastic finishes

Fastener-type Panel

[Fastener (minus)]
[Fastener (plus)]

Possible to produce 100T·125T·150T,
Selection of 4 colors·designs

Characteristics of Fastener-type Panels

  • Separate Orders

    Each panel for walls·ceiling·floor can be produced as fastener or brim-types according to customer requirements.

  • Compatibility with Brim-type Panels

    Fasteners are inserted into PVC casing so that they are compatible with existing brim-type panels

  • Use of PVC Fasteners

    PVC fasteners used to prevent corrosion on the panel connections

  • Ideal for Mid/Large-sized Cold Storage Warehouses

    It is ideal for easy construction of mid/large-sized cold storage warehouses.

  • Incorporated Door

    In order to make installation easy, integrated doors are used instead of detachable ones.

New Divider Panel Launched!

[ Disadvantage
: insulation degradation occurs due to cold air penetrating the into the empty spaces of the chassis frame ]
Old divider panel (grooved edges)
[ Advantage
: chassis frame finished with a flat surface to maximize insulation and air tightness! ]
New divider panel (flat edges) ★

Panel Assembly Steps

1. Base Frame (zinc angles) Installation

Decide where to install the panels. Place the base frame on the location and make sure the frame is level.

2. Floor Panel Placement

Place the floor panels on the base frame with consideration for drainage. Secure the floor panel with U-shaped brackets and make sure boards are aligned properly.

3. Wall Panel Placement

Set the corner panel upright followed by the other panels one after the other. Make sure the panels do not fall over. If panels are installed on the wall of the building, apply a layer of silicone between the panel and wall to ensure adhesion.

4. Door Frame Assembly

Install the door frame.

5. Ceiling Panel Placement

Set the ceiling panels on top. Use a liner to adjust the spaces of the joints. Fill the space with silicone to ensure a tight seal.

6. Unit Cooler Installation

Install the door and adjust hinges making sure to inspect all the parts fit properly. Next, install the unit cooler. Proceed to install the electrical wiring and perform a test run before completing the assembly.

Optimal Storage Temperature and Usage According to Panel Thickness

Thickness Optimal Temp. Range Usage
50~75㎜ above 0°C cool storage, cold storage
100㎜ -5 ~ 0℃ cool storage, frozen storage
125㎜ -30 ~ -5℃ frozen storage, freezing
150㎜ -40 ~ -30℃ freezing, rapid freezing, ultra-low temp. storage

Materials and Specification

Category Specification and Properties of Urethane Panel
Material of Dual-sided Surface Steel Sheet 0.45㎜~0.8㎜ colored galvanized steel sheet
Zinc Plating 244~305g/㎡
Surface Treatment High-weatherability & high heat-resistant coating
Middle Insulation Layer Material PolyIsocyanurate Foam(PIR)
Density 42±6㎏/㎥
Fire-resistance self-extinguishing(fire retardant)
Heat Transfer 0.020kcal/m·hr·℃
Absorption Volume 0.3g/100㎠
Applicable Temp. -20~90℃(based on 100T panel)
Adhesion Method Self-adhesive Self-adhesive
Strength Compressive Strength 30N/100㎠
Flexive Strength 55N/100㎠
Dimensions Thickness 50T,75T,100T,125T,150T
Effective Width 900㎜
Length appropriate length for transport