Leegloo Insulated Doors / Introduction of Subcomponents Leehwa Polytech’s new Leegloo Insulated Doors combine modern styling with practicality. It is an HACCP certified electric insulated door. (100T·125T)

Reason for Selecting Leehwa Polytech’s Insulated Doors

1100% compliance with HACCP standards
Does not contain wood·cast material. Finished with PVC·aluminum·stainless steel
2New design
Aesthetic elements have been accentuated through the application of new color patterns on the doors.
3New belt-driven automated door
Completely redesigned to overcome shortfalls of existing chain-driven doors such as their weakness toward corrosion.
4Lightweight and smooth door
The weight of the door has been reduced to ⅓ the weight of previous products allowing for a more smoothly operating door.
5Very safe
If a foreign object gets stuck or the door is overloaded, the control panel automatically controls the operation of the door.
6Uses a new BLDC motor
Extremely durable, quiet, and powerful
7New antibacterial silicone packing used
Insulation guaranteed through the use of soft silicone
8Manually operated handle
The door handle on the inside allows people to escape in case of blackouts.
[external handle]
[internal handle]
910-channel remote control
Possible to operate up to 10 doors with one remote control


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Door Frame Surface Material Rubber Packing Insulation Heater Other Material
PVC·aluminum stainless steel·color coated steel sheet antibacterial silicone rigid polyurethane foam fixed-temperature heater (automatic) aluminum·stainless steel

Sliding Insulated Door

Sliding doors to allow for easy access

Unrestricted open/close direction lessening the burden for designers

Ideal for cold storage rooms for agricultural or fishery products which require frequent forklift access

Can be manufactured in large sizes (maximum: W 4,000㎜ × H 4,450㎜)

Types of Sliding Insulated Doors

[Dual Automatic Sliding Door]
[Single Automatic Sliding Door]
[Dual Manual Sliding Door]
[Single Manual Sliding Door]

Overlap Doors

Our urethane overlap doors are cheap to install, operate and swap out. They also have excellent airtightness and durability due to the weight of the doors being distributed around the door frame which compresses the insulation packing. It is ideal for small cold storage rooms which require wheelbarrow access.

Types of Overlap Doors

[Dual Overlap Door]
[Single Overlap Door]

Special Doors

[Dual Opening Door]
[Meat Processing Door]

Sub-door & Vent


Vents are ideal for cold storage rooms containing agricultural·fishery·animal products in order to release odor and gases.

Sub-doors have heaters built in to allow for easy transport of products to and from the cold storage room.

  • Based on 500 X 500㎜ opening
  • Types : standard / lever-type