Reason for selecting Leehwa Polytech’s Colored Doors

1Insulated doors with superb sealing capability
The door is where temperature exchange occurs most often with the outside environment. Therefore, the airtightness of the door has a great effect upon the refrigeration load. With this in mind, we manufacture our doors putting priority into ensuring their airtightness and insulation.
※ Freezer doors have heating wire built into them to prevent doors from being damaged due to freezing.
2Diverse colors and designs
  • Our doors are finished with a selection of colored steel sheets with patterns to provide customers a wider selection to choose from.
  • Besides the standard door size (opening : 800×1800㎜), we are able to custom-build the door according to the opening and frame dimensions. You also have an option to select the door’s thickness from 100T (standard size) to 75T·125T·150T.
  • You can choose which way the door opens and closes.
[silver stucco]

※ Compared to the standard type, louver types are finished with an anti-bacterial rubber finish on the bottom part of the door to prevent loss of cold air.
We have raised the level of completion by using sturdy fittings.
[interior handle]
[waterproof switch]